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Menu bar in mobile is going nuts

the mobile version of my website is not responding well. when i open the menubar settings it displays next to the menu button like it should. When i preview the website and click the menu button, the menubar behaves erratically.
here is a preview.
thank you!

Hi @benshea, thanks for the post. Could you update your post with some screenshots, that show the erratic behavior or how things look incorrect? Cheers, Dave

sure thing @cyberdave. So this is what the menubar looks like in edit mode.

When I enter preview mode, the menubar shifts to different areas of the screen. If I change the zoom in my browser the menu bar moves again. I can’t seem to get the menu bar to behave normally under any circumstance. I have inspected every element over and over and seem truly stuck. The mobile versions of my site are unusable.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @benshea, I have a few suggestions for you, so you can get further with this :smile:

check out my video

Let me know if any further questions :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thank you so much! I am grateful for your assistance. should be superdave not cyberdave.

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@cyberdave thank you for your help, I still seem to be messing it up somehow. Here are some screenshots. I am grateful for your time and assistance.

Hi @benshea, Thanks for the followup. There are a few style changes that could be made in the Menubar on tablet mode, I have recorded some suggestions:

​I hope this helps, Cheers, Dave

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