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Menu always on top

Hi Everyone,

Building my first website.
How do i make sure the menu stays always on top (not one page) and when i click another page it won’t flicker or reload the menu… See the example… The menu never reloads in between pages.

I created a menu and 2 pages. From the menu on the homepage i made a Style Element and copied that to the next page… But when i preview the site its seems there is a reload every-time is switch pages. Is this something the preview does but the real site don’t?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Frank_Janssens it doesn’t look like that site is built in Webflow. If it is, can you please post your read-only link?

You cannot do without reloading natively but you can give Barba.js a go. Here is a tutorial explaining how to use it.

Thank you! Exactly what needed. Gonna use this.

Yesterday i figured out that i could get the same result with the “Taps” Component. But i don’t think its that SEO friendly.

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Yeah, tabs is just one page in the end.