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I’m an accomplished Java, PHP programmer with decades of experience. I wrote games in 6502 assembler for the Apple ][. Wrote games for the Atari 400/800 and the TI-994/a Home Computer.

Yes. I’m that … experienced.

I hate browsers … CSS is a interesting experiment gone horribly wrong and JavaScript … Don’t get me started.

HTML and browsers were never designed to be the seat of our most important distributed applications.

My concept of a beautiful language is Scala for the JVM or Ruby or Haskell. And lipstick for JavaScript like or

Ok. Now back to reality.

It’s clear that the money … either for a start-up … or a job … is in UX Design.

I need to learn, but hand-coding CSS is a nightmare with all of the differences between browsers and then you throw in “Mobile-First” design, media queries and it’s a lot to swallow.

In comes Webflow … I’m going to be happy here … as soon as I learn to tie my shoes and wipe my nose.

I’m such a NOOB … but of course, I’ve listened in as the designers on project after project have moaned and complained about this browser quirk or that incompatibility.

What I need are mentors … for cheap … perhaps $5 a lesson … laser-focused, questions and answers … with a separate login for my Webflow account so that they can mentor within a particular page, but not destroy my work or perhaps even see my other pages.

That is the making of an ecosystem that will feed itself and learn to wipe it’s own nose.

If you were writing code in assembly then you shouldn’t find CSS difficult.

My advices are

1/ forget about the browsers specificities. When you write good CSS, it’s nowadays not a problem anymore.
2/ learn CSS, because Webflow makes a good use of your knowledge. WF designer respects CSS, the reasonning remains the same. And it’s better to learn a bit of CSS, to be able to fix your mistakes in WF. Check elearning platforms like

3/ Any WF project can have a public URL, which allow people to mess up with your stuff without being able to save anything. That’s what we use on the forum. If you need help on a project, grab your public URL before posting here, in most of the case it’s required to be helped efficiently.
4/ Dive in. Take a website you like, and reproduce it identical into Webflow.
5/ of course watch all the videos in the support and tutorial section, they worth way more than $5 each.