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Mentor, partner, Design-buddy


I am somewhat experienced with Webflow allready, but I knowladge that I have a lot to learn.
I know that I probably do some things that aren’t best practice, but I strive to create nice, functional things.

As of right now, I have few people around me working with Webflow and webdesign, therefore I am looking for someone that I can throw around ideas with.

Basically, I am looking for someone that want to have informal conversations about webdesign and ideas.
Help each other out, get a second look- that sort of thing. Preferred platform of communication would be something like Google Hangouts.

I think it would be a way to grow as designers, which could lead to cool results!
The reason i came up with this, is that I’m working on a site, and I’m kinda stuck on some minor things that it would be great to just throw out there for support; but I don’t wanna bother the whole forum with small questions!

Is there anyone here who would like to have this kind of arrangement? Maybe even a small group of people. :slight_smile:

This is my/our current website:

Hi Karl,

I would be glad to be a design buddy. Sending you a pm.


Hello guys

I would love the idea of having design buddys, let me know if we can arrange that as well.


@PixelPanda @aaronocampo Awesome! I’ll send you a pm Aaron. :slight_smile: