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Memory leak, RAM on requeatAnimationFrame?

Hello there folks.

I have webpage - there is player with 3 buttons. My custom javascript makes the
whole thing on playing songs one after another.

I am experiencing some I guess memory leak problems. I have tested it on my Raspberry Pi machine and its RAM got eaten during the player working. Its for sure problem with webflow.js script because I’ve tested all the things and only without connecting it I have had no memory leak problems.

On the page I have only 3 interactions (on click) based animation and during the tests I iterate only once with one of it - it is play button (orange sign). Its not on loop and infinite scaling or moving. Just one svg got hided and another got visible with some filter-blur options.

Here is also screenshot from Mozilla Firefox dev tools page (Profiler tab). There is process called requeatAnimationFrame and it appears many many many times during the playing.

Any help appreciated since I am really stuck - player should work whole day and some mobile devices got overloaded.

Here is my public share link: