Memberspace form Issue Integration with Webflow


Can anyone provide guidance on our issue with a memberspace login form half hidden under the nav bar? Please see link here: FFF Channel


Namaste @Hayden_Craddolph
Hope you are doing good - welcome to the community

Can you please share the webflow Read-only link?

Also mention how can I recreate this issue?
On which page and after click what this comes?


Here is the read-only link requested: Webflow - Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

I embeded the memberspace code in the custom code area of webflow. The code was installed and the membspace form is partially hidden under the main nav.

If should look like this example: Cinema Verde | Virtual Screenings

Hello Pravin, I made a short two minute video for more clarity here: Webflow Issue 2022-07-23 14-35-29.mp4

The goal is for the entire form to be over our nav not half under.

Please advise!


Namaste, sorry for not reach back to you
Was on my weekends

Let’s test on quick fix:

.MemberSpaceWidgetInternal__modal_modal {
  position: absolute;
  top: 25vh;

Add this code – the popup should be pushed 25vh from top of the screen: resulting into something like this


Or just fix the z-index of the header :slight_smile:

Make z-index of header to 99
It will fix it

Simple :slight_smile: