Memberships - X free articles per month unless subscribed

Hi all,

I’ve been given access to the Memberships beta and I am thinking of implementing it on my site. My site is an online directory that is pre-launch.

One thing that a lot of e.g. news sites do is limit how many articles/pages a user can view per month before having to subscribe to the website. Does anyone know if this is something that can be implemented using the memberships system? For example, I would want a user to be able to only view 5 pages on my website before a modal appears asking them to subscribe.

From the documentation it seems that the only way you can set up a site at the moment is to have membership-only pages or freely available pages.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @adamdavies !

I’ve spent a bit of time researching and wasn’t able to find any way to do this in Webflow Memberships.

Are you open to other solutions, or are you most excited to use Webflow Memberships for this project?