Membership waiver with Memberstack, Zapier and Typeform?

Hi folks -
I’m setting up a membership site for a personal trainer. Using Memberstack. All clients need to sign a waiver and a photo release prior to booking an appointment. There is an additional Covid-19 waiver that some clients would need to sign for certain appointments - she is doing workouts in the park right now. I’d like to be able to handle the waivers in Typeform where they are easy to set up.
Ideally, a new client would go through the normal Memberstack account sign up and at some step, get a link to go over to Typeform and fill out the waiver. Once they sign the waiver, Zap would send the waiver back to be stored in their account (or in Airtable I guess) and would also update the membership to “waiver signed” status, making the membership live and allowing them to book appointments.

Does that make sense? Is that the best way to handle this process? I couldn’t find anything at the Memberstack forum so I’m hoping you all have seen this before - seems pretty standard.
Thanks much!

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Hi @jbc :wave: would you be open to the idea of dropping Typeform to instead use Webflow’s native forms, submit it to Zapier, and then have Zapier insert a new item within a Webflow CMS Collection?

@ChrisDrit I would love that - I would prefer it actually. Can you point me in the right direction for a walkthrough?
Follow up question, after they submit the form, what is the correct way to make a change to the membership that allows them access to the scheduler. Do I need to create another membership that I am upgrading them to, or is there some kind of “status” for the membership that I can change?
Thank you very much!

Yea… I’ve got some screen casts walking through it all. I use a Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier (and at times Airtable) stack for doing all of this sort-of thing. It works well for me.

That should be easy. You could have Zapier update a field within your CMS Collection and on the Webflow view you could simply add a filter for that field. Don’t show something if the field is false, or show it if the field is set to true (or something similar).

I think this screen cast would walk you through enough of what you need to make that happen:

For the other parts you’ve described, you may want to take a peek at this screen cast:

I’ve got others on the site as well, just click through them and you should find a few others that will also help.

Drop any questions here, happy to help!