Membership users

Hi! Im working with webflow membership for a client and they need to import 900 users. Is there a way to achieve this or is it something that will be possible in a near future.

Thank you!

I’m not aware of any bulk importing feature. You may want to email Webflow support and ask them but I suspect they’ll respond with a “no” about it.

If that’s the case, your only real option is to use automation to send out 900 invitations.

That’ll require each invited user to click a link in an email and setup a password.

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You can use the API, however test the process first. The last time I loaded members, the process could only add a new member invitation.

Basically you’d call an API endpoint with each of your 900 email addresses, and it would send out invites to those 900 people. They would then go to a new member page, where they could add their name, etc.

If I recall correctly, you could specify what group they were a part of ( e.g. membership level ), but you could not specify their name or custom fields. I expect that will improve before release.

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Thanx to both of you! I’ll try to find the correct solution. Im not sure how to use the API but i’ll try to find some informations on how to push a list of members. @memetican, if ever you have some useful information on your suggested process, let me know.

Thanx again for both of your suggestions!