Membership use: hiding all but part of posts

Hi. I’m new to Webflow. I’m interested in making a membership subscription site, whereby articles are published with snippets available to all users, but the full article is hidden behind a membership login/paywall (e.g. ‘Login to read the article in full’). Similar to what’s possible with Memberpress on Wordpress.

I’ve searched around and looked at the various integrations, without finding exactly what I want. Is it possible to achieve this on Webflow using some kind of embedded code in a post? If so, do I need to use a third-party integration of some kind?

I suspect I can do this by making each post into 2 articles – one a snippet with a link to the premium content in a second post. But that seems like a lot of work.

Here is my public share link: I don’t yet have a site to share.

You can get somewhat creative with conditional visibility here. I’d show the full blog content twice, but one version is visually cut off for free readers, and the other is the real deal.

You just control which appears to whom with the CV.

Note this won’t secure the content. Someone could still find the full article if they dig into the page source.

Hi @RoyL :wave: welcome to the forum.

That’s the recommended approach, but you could also automate it without much effort.

You could run your post through Make (Integromat) or similar and embed some symbol in the post for the snippet, or just take the first paragraph and automatically add that to a new cms. A lot of the cool kids these days are running their posts through chatGPT to automate that (your mileage will vary).

If SEO isn’t an issue you could have the automation (or chatGPT) grab/create the snippet and just deliver that through Javascript. Make, NoCodeAPI, or something similar can help deliver that.