Membership Program that Subtracts a set fee from all Products?


Our company sells products to be redeemed at a night club, for example a Drink.
In buying this Drink, there is a fee added to it, regarding to the entrance pass to said night club; we call this the “experience” fee.

For example, if a Drink originally costs 10$, the final cost will be 15$ with the experience added.

However we want also to integrate a Membership system, a recurring fee that we call a “Passport”.
In paying this recurring fee monthly, you get full access to all the clubs we are associated with, and thus, if you are a member of this Passport program, you will not be charged the “experience” fee in the products; and so the Drink would only cost the 10$.

Basically, a recurring payment program that subtracts this fee from all products.

Is this possible to be achieved in Webflow?

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Hello @Thomas_Mogk and welcome to the community.

Not sure about your experience fee other than just charging and upgraded price for that drink. Although, you could create a commerce system for non-members!

However, for the membership side you could use something like @DuncanHamra can point you in the right direction for all your needs with Membership communities.

Hope this helps and points you in the direction you are looking for?

Happy Designing,


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Hey @Thomas_Mogk!

Very interesting project. Would you like to jump on a call sometime to discuss? I’m really curious how you’re currently managing this, and what you hope to improve.

A few questions that come to mind are:

  1. Does the membership service need to integrate with a POS system in a night club?
  2. How will you collect payments from customers?
  3. How will you verify that a customer is a member, and therefore should receive a discount?
  4. Is it safe to assume all of these transactions will happen offline?

Looking forward to your reply! Feel free to reach us directly at :v: