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Membership platform

I would like to build a membership platform within our Webflow-based website.
The possibilities I need within this platform are the following:

  • People must be able to sign up for a paid membership;
  • Members get credits, depending on their membership, per week;
  • These credits must be added automatically;
  • It has to be possible to change credits manually;
  • Members must be able to order products, and select time-windows when they want to receive their product;

(We operate in The Netherlands only)

I have done some research, and I think I have to use webapps. But I haven’t found the right one for these options. Does anyone have a suggestion for me which app would work best? If you have a tutorial included, that would be amazing!

All tips are welcome!

@nick_van_de_venn Were you ever able to find a solution for this? I am researching ways to accomplish this as well but cannot find an option that works.

I am looking for the same options with these additions:

  • Member gets credits automatically monthly
  • Credits are good for 1-hour appointments
  • Credits are automatically deducted for each hour scheduled
  • Additional credits can be purchased al-a-carte

Still searching…

So far: doesn’t have the option with credits. I haven’t worked it out yet, but according to their customer support: this should be possible. They have a list of developers who could help do the job.

OpenCart doesn’t do the trick by itself, but it looks like this will work with the app: ‘Rewards with options’. But: I am not sure if OpenCart can be integrated with Webflow.

Magento: I believe it is the biggest open source eCommerce platform. But: it doesn’t work as easy as Webflow. I believe you really have to get in PHP, or you should find a guy.

Shopify is simple to integrate with Webflow. But: you should find an extension for the credits system. I haven’t found it yet. But, it may be there.

I was thinking about going the developer route. Seems that I could have someone create a custom code for this and just integrate it into webflow.

Thanks for the response, Nick. This was super helpful. If I come up with any other solutions, I will let you know.

The developer-route via Foxy seems like the best, and not most expensive solution.

I think I am going for the out-of-the-box solution:
Build the subscription-panel in WordPress and use Fastwoocredit as the plugin we need.