Membership platform which allows members export, including passwords


I am considering which membership platform to adopt for my website.

Question: I want to be able to export, at any point in time, my website members, including their passwords. This is because in future I may decide to create my website outside Webflow, as HTML/php/MySql (I am a developer).
In this case, I would need my members’ data (incl. user/pass) on my MySql database.

I found out that both Memberspace and Memberstack and Memberful do NOT include the member’s passwords in the members’ export. Not sure why, since they are members who registered on MY website!

But anyhow: do you know of ANY membership system which allows the export of MY website members, incl. their password (and in non encrypted form)?

Many thanks!

Hi @mauroian,

I don’t think such service exists ( unless you custom code it ) as it would create too many legal issues and would not be compliant to regulations ( GRPD, CCPA, LGPD ). In case of data leak, you would expose yourself to a huge fine.

Members export in Memberstack or other is rather made for remarketing purposes.

You can use Memberstack or Memberful on different platforms, it is not restricted to Webflow.

First, as mentioned, you’d never want to do that. Second, they don’t export them because they don’t them. Passwords should be encrypted, even those platforms don’t (and never should) know what your password is.