Membership Feature

Hey webflowers,

I am building a site that has membership built into it, it’s a free membership as of now, so it’s not ecommerce, but could end up being a membership site that has membership yearly fees. My question is, after someone creates their account and it is validated is there a way that member can view their account page. Like adding a button or link to view “My Account” and have the ability to renew their membership?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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You can create any link you want to the user’s accounts page.
It’s always at a fixed location of /user-account.

As far as membership billing goes, if you’re using the subscription approach to membership it will just keep billing recurringly. I’m not sure what happens when e.g. a CC needs changed.

Thank you Michael. I appreciate your reply. Sorry for my delayed reply.

If you use Stripe, they provide things like this for you to make things easier.