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Membership enquiry

Hi everyone here :smile:
I have something in mind. when the membership includes 20 websites, what that means? does it means only can build 20 websites maximum? or means 20 websites to keep in your account?
how if I reach 20 websites and delete them and build another 20? pls clarify. thanks

You are correct, with the personal membership plan you are allowed to have up to 20 sites stored on Webflow at any one time. If you want more than 20 then you will need to upgrade to the Professional plan.

By the time you reach 20 websites though you would have made some good money I’d imagine so upgrading will be easy. I’d also suggest that if you are hosting your sites on Webflow rather than exporting you should charge your clients a monthly fee to cover hosting, maintenance and any revisions they need in that month.

If you charged just three clients $15 a month with a standing order then you have already covered payment for the Pro Plan. That’s just three clients, the next 47 clients is a nice monthly profit :slight_smile: hope that makes sense.


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And to reply to the last question. If you have, let’s say, 20 websites and you delete 5 of them, you will be able to create 5 more pages. The limit tells that you can have 20 websites STORED on Webflow at the same time.

I’d highly recommend upgrading to Pro as soon as possible.

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can you expound on this ? I don’t understand.

Ok so after you have charged a client a one time fee for designing the site, afterwards you can setup a regular reccuring payment charge every month using Stripe’s reccuring billing

So if you use Webflow for hosting sites or even if you use your own servers then you should charge them for that service every month as well as maintenance, and x1 content revision fees per month.

It could look something like this example:

Client name: John Smith -

$20 per month covers:

  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • x1 content revision per month

The Pro plan is $42 per month so you just need two clients each paying $20 per month and you have covered your Webflow subscription pretty much. The Pro plan is for up to 50 sites so $20 x 50 = $1000 and thats just monthly recurring income from charging clients for ongoing services that’s not including the one off fees you’ll charge for each site design which I personally will be starting a design charge for at least $1000 upwards.

Hope this makes sense :smile:



Thank you everyone for the replies. So for example I can build 20 websites export them and build another 20 and so on. honestly charging the clients monthly fee is not a good for me, because clients should not know how we work :slight_smile: and how we design the website. best is build, export and upload on the clients’ hosting.

Well, you can export sites but if you wish to free up space you’d have to delete them afterwards, however there is a catch, if you delete a site stored in Webflow right after you have exported it and then your client contacts you a month later requesting some changes, you can no longer make changes on the fly within Webflow because that particular site is now deleted.

You would have to make those changes within the new server you exported the site to and you would more than likely have to start messing around with code which lets face it is not what the majority of Webflow users are good at hence why we use this tool so we don’t have to touch any code.

My advice is keep every site on Webflow as a backup and to also use when making any changes. You can simply export the site again after you made the changes all within Webflow, easy peasy :smile:

Now personally with my business model, I would strongly advise you to setup a monthly ongoing charge for clients because no doubt they will want you to make changes from time to time and only you can make those changes (until Webflow release their own CMS that is) as they do not have login access to the site unless you have exported to a CMS and not left it as a static website.

Now unless you are exporting to an existing server owned by them and they insist on keeping it that way (rare for individuals but fairly common with bigger companies) then of course you cannot include hosting in this monthly charge, however you can and have every right to charge for maintenance (they do not know that Webflow doesn’t need maintenance) and I prefer to include x1 content revision in this monthly charge rather then charging them per hour.

Whether any other Webflow users have a better way to make money from clients after designing a site, to me this is a good business model and one that gives the user the feeling that a service is there for them whenever they need it and we as the designer are looking after it while they concentrate running their business. The monthly charges also cover our own overheads instead of eating into our own funds.

With regards to “clients should not know how we work…” they do not have to know that you designed the site in Webflow as you can remove Webflow from the source code by ticking a box with the Professional Plan. If they wish to make changes to the site then i’d suggest exporting it to a CMS and 'd recommend Surreal CMS. Again these additonal tools usually cost all of us all monthly fees so charging each client $20 a month for a site they love will not be a problem or difficult to negotiate, win win situation as they get monthly service and we get to cover all of our own outgoings.

Ok that was a small essay lol


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