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Membership access to CMS

I’d like to add functionality to a webflow site that allows:

  1. Users to create a free account, with the option to pay a subscription and upgrade.

  2. Members who have created an account will be granted the ability to add basic text data to some text fields and submit, which then creates a new CMS item/page, which they can either keep private or choose to publish publicly, and which they can edit when and how they wish.

  3. Tiered membership plans so that on the free plan, users are limited to, for example, 3 CMS items, and 20 for the paid plan etc.

Is this possible in Webflow?

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You may find a solution here. Integrations | Memberships and user login | Webflow University

Webflow is planning on releasing user logins and membership shortly. Memberstack is a great alternative in the meantime.

I don’t think it’s possible to let users choose to have a public or private profile. Maybe manually.

There is no hard date for this. All we know is it is in the pipeline.

Hey folks. Yea I know about Memberstack and a few other options for memberships/subscriptions/gated content… that’s nothing new, but more importantly I’m interested in functionality that would allow members to add items to webflow’s CMS via a form. I haven’t heard of this being done before, and I contacted Memberstack to ask if it’s possible with their product but they said it’s not. I’ve asked around a bit and all people have said is to ask about it on the forums here.

It should be possible using an Airtable/Zapier combination. You can embed airtable in Webflow to collect user submissions and then use Zapier to write to Webflow CMS.

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I haven’t fully researched this yet but seems like it could be a solution!

@britishchap thank you!

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