Member/Save Assets Interaction

I’m looking to build a website that allows customers to log in and save assets of the site to a profile of sorts. As fairly new to Webflow and more experienced on Front End or Design sides of website building, I am quite lost as to where to start to do this.

Is there any functionality that Webflow has to accomplish this? I have found capabilities going through Jetsport paired with Memberstack. I just am interested to know if anyone knows how to solve this issue without making the client pay 60+ to keep their website working.

Thanks for any help you may have!

Absolutely there is!

I’d love to explain it all, but it’s so much more entertaining to watch these videos by Simon Høiberg. He describes the no-code stacks you can choose to use and provides a tutorial on how to do all of them. He talks about connecting everything using Zapier, which is a great product, but for keeping costs low, I’d look at Make.

I Created a SaaS Only Using No Code Tools - Part 1
I Created a SaaS Only Using No Code Tools - Part 2

Hopefully, that helps!

Hey Kobe!

You should be able to do this just using Memberstack and Webflow - you would still then have to pay for the basic Memberstack plan + Webflow CMS hosting, but keep in mind that all the time you’re saving by using no-code tools is saving your client money.

The ways to do this with lower hosting costs almost always involve a much, much larger up-front investment.

Thank you! I’ll check this out.

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Thank you! I’ll look through them to see if there’s anything I can use.

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