Member Data Not Displaying

So I deleted the original form input fields that housed a Members Name and Email in the Webflow Members Beta. I’ve tried adding it back, but it won’t display their info now… Since there is no documentation for the Beta, I don’t know what to do.

Also, how can we populate the Member’s name anywhere? I’ve tried inspecting all the code and cannot find any data attributes that would work…

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Are you talking about the pre-built form fields or the user data fields (cms)?

I don’t believe that’s a thing we can officially do yet.

I have not found a way either

Are you referring to the User Account page?

If you look to the right, you can see special fields in the settings. If you click the + there, you should be able to re-add those special fields that you’ve deleted.


Like Chris, I haven’t seen anything that provides any access to the currently logged in User, the groups they’re a member of, their name, etc. I’ve put a few requests in the BETA discussion forum just yesterday if you want to add your use case needs.

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I’ve tried adding back the special fields and they just show up as empty :confused:

So it sounds like you’re talking about the form versus the account cms. If you had info displayed previously it sounds like you’re speaking to the account settings form.

You mentioned you deleted the email field, but that’s not deletable. So if you did and it now doesn’t work, that’s a bug.

Reach out to Webflow support to ask why that’s broken for your account.

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