Mega Menu Underline Mystery

Hi everyone,

I hope someone could help me with Eli’s lovely Mega Menu.Mega-Menu challenge - Webflow

The image below shows that the white line under ‘Five Boroughs’ remains visible when the mouse is moved away to the sub-item ‘Brooklyn’. However, if I add an extra menu-item to the Mega Menu, and change the interactions accordingly, the underline disappears when the mouse is moved away from the menu-item…

I tried meny ways to keep the line visible, just like on the other two Mega Menu items, but unfortunately without any result. In the end I went back to the original clonable, but it won’t work there either. What I’ve done:

  1. extra item created (nav link)
  2. extra draw content created (with combo classes 1, 2, 3, etc) and modified the div name in the content draw
  3. adjusted the interaction on the ‘nav link’ and changed ‘show draw content 1’ (2, 3, 4 etc), starting with the current menu item and ending with the next one

I Know quite bit about CSS, but I am still learning interactions. So I hope someone will help me solve this puzzle, or help me get the same result in a different way.

The public share link is the clonable, as this is where I also tried to get it to work.

Thanks a lot!