Mega menu is open when page loads

I inherited a webflow project, and unfortunately, many things have deviated away from the standard way of webflow working in some way.

I have a mega menu which is open on page load,
I need it to be closed on page load.
Every other way which this menu works is fine it’s just this, been trying to fix it all day.
I have tried changing the display setting but this is having no effect.

Using the inspect element tool, I can see it the following class loads with no display style attached to it.
body > menubar > testnav > container-11 w-container > menu-dropdown-container-os
As the user interacts with this megamenu the class then acquires a display style of either block or none based on the user interaction and retains this styling.
I want to give this a display none initially but webflow setting suggest this is already in place at least as far as I can tell with my limited webflow knowledge.

What is really annoying is that as this is an on-page load problem there is no other way to tell if it worked other than to publish it.

Read only link below.



Were you able to fix?
I’ve viewed your site on multiple browsers and do not see the issue on my end.

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

It must have been something I had done immediately before posting and hadn’t realised it had worked.

Thank you all the same for being willing to look into it @Port_of_Folio