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Media Query image download behaviors

I’m willing to create separately sized image assets for the various media queries, but want to be sure that I use them in such a way that the large images aren’t just downloaded anyway and not displayed on the smaller queries.

This excellent page shows tested results of downloads by media query based on 8 different ways to code them:

It looks a lot like his test 3 method could be created in webflow since it just relies on simple attributes of some divs. But a couple of the others would require fewer objects if they would work.

Before I go on a big testing/research binge to find out how webflow handles this stuff, can anyone tell me if it’s already provided somehow in the standard webflow media query process? Or if they know if any of the methods tested in the page above work in webflow? (Creating and exporting multiple versions to run in his tester would be a bit of a giant time suck.)