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Media Queries & Interface Sizing at certain breakpoints. + Ongoing work

Hi All

I’m seeking a Webflow Guru to give us a hand moving forward or any advice on this would be much appreciated.

We have a site we just built and we’re having some sizing in the viewport issues.

So our client is seeing the sections on the pages much larger that I am on my MacBook Pro. I’m needing your help to optimise it for my clients laptop.

I’ve setup the different breakpoints. I think I have to optimise it with media queries but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Here are videos and images of the issue in action:

Attached is my view. MacBook Pro.

Attached is the clients views. Unnamed 1-5.

This is the view in designer.

These are the pages.

Need help with optimising this if you can help out I’d really appreciate it.

Happy to ping you some money upfront to assist sorting this out. We have heaps of projects, keen to partner with you moving forward.

What are your thought, would it help to do a call?

Hi I read your offer there are media quries issues. I can do it. Can we discuss this on skype or mail.
My email is:

Hi Simon Trevaskis!

I noticed that you were using 100% of the height. If you want your layout to adapt well, you need to use values ​​for height: 100 VH or width: 100 WH. It is also advisable to convert the font line spacing to EM or%. I also suggested changing a couple of blocks since you are using FLEX BOX. You can make the container relative, and the images absolute, and bind them to the parent element. This will help prevent text from entering the image.
I’m test your website for my MacBook pro 13 2011

Write with pleasure to answer your questions!
I will be glad to cooperate.

if make 100vh

you use flex row

If you use % for padding and relative and absolute

Hi there,
Hope you’re doing well

I would to be glad to help with your requirement.

Kindly reach to me at Email: or at Skype: cis.am3

Hope to hear from you soon.