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Media Players not showing up on custom domain

Media Players on the individual station pages work on

However when published to the custom domain, the media players do not show up.

Any ideas on why this happens or if this has happened to anyone else?

Trying to understand where you are talking about on the site? The custom domain site media players??

Which page and which section?

On the station pages there is an embed with a live streaming embed. It works on the domain but on a custom domain it doesnt show up. For instance on the WNZF page. See screenshots

Gotcha, I understand now. The pages are protected so I assume you can’t unlock them. If privacy is critical, I would contact support directly and show them your domain setup with these pages. You can unlock the pages for them, I’m sure they’ll help you figure it out. Although -

Off the top of my head without troubleshooting ability, I would say it’s going to be somewhere in the “Player Admin”. Which service is delivering these players and where are the files stored? Whenever this happens, it’s usually the “Type” of embed chosen. Some JS embeds don’t work properly, and some HTML embeds have issues as well. Oftentimes testing the embed type and code is the direction to start.

The domain is not really going to be the problem, the player and content is not stored there anyway. However, applications handle players differently. E.g., Shopify will not show some HTML widgets, but they show other JS embeds.

That’s where I would look first. While in your player admin, ask support which embed option works best.

Yeah, i get that. Just strange to me that it works with the but not a custom .com domain using the same browser. Not sure if there is a big difference with webflow’s .io extension.

The player is Triton. I may have to reach out to them and see.

Yep, because the player will have a destination listed in the admin. I’m sure you have it listed as the “Primary Domain”, but in Webflow it’s actually the .IO subdomain. If I’m saying that right :wink:
Check the Triton settings, you’re right it doesn’t make sense. Also, test different embeds. I had an embed on Shopify that worked when using JS, but not HTML. It made no sense, Shopify didn’t allow it for some reason. I asked their support and they said that’s what they moved to. Hmm I didn’t get it. I would get Triton on the phone or chat and explain.

Sounds like there is an “approved domain” setting for this third-party widget where the widget is allowed to run on. Check with the third-party