Media Player Not Appearing in Custom domains


I’m having trouble with a media player from triton that I have embed on our sites, it would show on and not our custom domain…

please help

You problem is webflow is a secure https:// and the embed you have is not secure

The end result is you can’t have http:// embed on a secure site.

I had this issue with an instagram widget before and had to pay for a https:// one

hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions


would I need to disable SSL for it to work? and say if i do disable SSL on webflow would i need to change and of the records pointing to host A in my Domain?


If you disabled SSL then yes it should work, and yes you’d have to go to your dns settings and change it to non ssl. I wouldn’t recommend it though because then visitors will get the google warning the site is not safe and google ranks SSL sites higher.

Ok i see, so what would be the best way to solve this problem use a different player?

but has anyone you know ever solved a streaming issue with a Triton Player?


Maybe contact the Triton player and see if they have an SSL version. I now use a $10 instagram one for clients, most opt to buy it. Embeds/ widgets you pay for often have better features and support.

But the fact the web pretty much demands secure sites now. I’d be surprised if Triton doesn’t have a secure embed.

Thanks Jeremy,

I will try and get in touch with the Triton Support Team and see if they have a player that supports SSL

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