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McKamey Manor - Site Redesign Concept

So if you don’t know me well, I am a huge horror fan as well as a haunted attraction fan (both working in and going through). There is a potential client who I had contacted recently who currently uses Wix for his attraction McKamey Manor out in California. This attraction is pretty infamous and controversial due to its nature, the process one must go through in order to attend is extensive (background/mental health checks, a personal Skype session, etc), and based on his plans for the future, a responsive site would work best for the owner right before the Halloween season starts.

The site layout is slightly-based on a template package of one of my favorite web design companies Rogues Hollow Productions, yet contains its own spin. The only pages that have work done on are the home page and the ‘legend’ page (which are mere tests).

Let me know what you think, what could be improved upon, and if this client agrees to the final concept, I could be going places. :wink:

Warning: Links below contain graphic, NSFW content

New -
Original -

The new one is way scarier than the original, truly. So I guess your goal is already reached :slight_smile:

Due to the nature of the depicted raw violence, you may want to start with a warning and disclaimer screen. The video isn’t showing actors but real people in sort of real conditions, and visitors’ brains register that very quickly. May be a little intense for some, also NSFW. (hence me editing your post with a warning line, I’m sure you don’t mind).

As for the design, the home is already quite effective. The hierarchy of the information could be better though. I think the home works well when you see the 3 sections at the same time (header + vdo + the promo message on black) but for that you need a tall browser.

Maybe you should overlay the message on black on top of the video, on the lower left side for example, and make sure the header video section equals 100VH (100% height) with a min height that guaranties all the content don’t get squashed by small screens.

And one thing on the menu: the bleeding typeface is used on the big message title, that’s great. Also the Logo itself sports the same king of typeface, a bit less bleeding. So in my opinion, using the typeface for the menu isn’t the thing to do, because it’s too much use of this very specific, particular typeface, and you get a “dilution” of the effect and a dillution of the brand image. A more classic typeface for the menu would reinforce the impact of the logo and the red title on black.