Maximum character count not working with Rich Text field

I am building a blog where we want authors to use Rich Rext, e.g. lists, but we want each field limited to have certain minimum and maximum characters so they can’t break the layout by accident.

This has worked fine with plain text fields, however now that I replaced the fields with Rich Rext fields and applied the same limits (950 - 1150 ch), they do not work.

It is possible to enter as little or as many characters as you would like without any restrictions. Character limitations simply do not work. I can literally enter limitless characters into the field.

EDIT: Somehow now it seems to work suddenly. I don’t know why or how, but I think it must have been some sort of weird glitch with the setting not properly saving or something.

Or I had to publish the site in between changing the setting and editing the cms item and that caused it not working? Something definitely was off. To whom it may concern.

One difference that is evident as opposed to plain text fields is that the character limit only activates upon saving the item. Meaning I can enter too many characters and only upon saving it tells me. Might be frustrating for editors, as they would have to go back into it and fix it after they already filled out all the fields. With plain text fields they would hard lock the characters in real time so you could see when you were approaching the limit.