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Max scaling responsive triangle

Hi guys!

I am working on a site, using a big triangle on the home screen. If you preview the site and you rescale your browser, you will notice that the text is no longer ON the triangle. That’s why I’d like the triangle to stop scaling at a browser width of 625px (and also for a height at 625px).

(The triangle scales since the borders are determined by vw and vh. I’d like to keep the scaling effect of the triangle)

Does somebody know how to deal with this?

Here is my public share link:

Why don’t you just make it have a max width of 625px?

It doesn’t fix the problem unfortunately.

I think the max width only applies to the width of the element itself (which is zero), but not to the width of its borders. Is that possible?

However it was quite a dumb question since you can just set a “fixed width” for the borders in tablet mode, When your browser (on pc) reaches the width that is defined for tablet mode, it wil start using this “fixed width” which was what I wanted to achieve of course.

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