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Matching random order items in CMS between different dynamic lists

I run a literary journal and I had the idea to use Webflow CMS to have an issue generator by putting 6 dynamic lists (set to random) on a page. These lists would have 1 story each, and have filters on them so that the issue alternates between short and long stories.

I was also planning on creating a table of contents section at the top and a credits section at the bottom of the page, corresponding with the 6 stories in the middle. The table of contents section and credits section are made up of 6 dynamic lists each, with the same exact filters as the one’s for their corresponding stories. For example, if one of the stories was called “Hyperboss”, I would hope to see the name “Hyperboss” at the top for the table of contents, and a the credits for Hyperboss at the very bottom.

The weird thing is that inside of the editor, the stories do match up with the table of contents, presumably because the filtrers on the dynamic lists match. But on the published version, each list wants to draw its own thing, so nothing matches.

You can check this out here:
And then through the editor, where things match:

On live site (same time:)

Is there some sort of work around for me? I feel like I remember watching a webflow stream where there was some kind of way you could manipulate dynamic items with code, but I haven’t been able to find it.

Thanks for your time!

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