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Hi. I am a new user; I am researching different web design platforms to pick which one suits my needs. I want to create my web portfolio based on these web design references:

Before investing time into each web design service, I would like to know if the theme I want to create is possible in Webflow. I want to be able to load my visuals in this non-uniform grid shape. I know there are grid uniform themes, but I could not find one that allocates the images/videos in that non-uniform manner.

If you can share a link to a theme that allows me this, I will highly appreciate it.

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Bruno, this is a common masonry design, often implemented in JS, sometimes CSS.
You can do both in Webflow.

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Thank you! I am not a programmer or coder, I assume for the effect I will need to implement code, it is not something given by the standard tools provided by WF.

The CSS approach, you can implement directly in Webflow.

The JS approach, which is more common and popular, is always a custom solution but there are good libs for it.

Both are covered in my article above, you should be able to implement either with no coding knowledge.

But if you are needing something custom or special built, you can DM me here with details and I can give you an estimate.

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Hi. How can I message you privately?
Thank you

Ha good question, it’s not obvious.
You can just click a member’s name to message them.

I’ll drop you a message now.

Sent you a private reply, thank you