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Match Height JQuery working but does not preview

Hi, I am using Match Height JQuery in custom code to match column heights, it works perfectly on ouput of the HTML:

But Webflow does not display it correctly, making it impossible to design without adding padding etc, is this a limitation of how Webflow manages additional JQuery added in custom code or is there something I can do so that webflow displays the same as the HTML output?

The left column has a background image so no height, which the Match Height code addresses.

Any help would be appreciated.



Here is my public share link:
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Hi @johnsherwin,

Webflow does not support custom code preview in the designer.

So the only way to check your custom code is to see it on the published website.


I’m afraid no. The JS custom code is not executed within the designer as the HTML code and iframe embeds can be.

Hi, thanks for the response. I will need to use padding and margins to simulate matching rows (so I can see what I am doing and client can see preview) and then remove those attributes when finishing the site.



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