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Mast Head Query

OK, I have a design for a site masthead and I’m finding the curve to be a bit difficult. I’m not prepared to give up yet. The link below is as good as I can get it now, I’m sure there’s a better way (or it might not be possible). Ant ideas welcome.

Cheers guys!

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Hi @carlcankite

What are you trying to achieve?

Basically what I have already; it’s all about the curve under the logo. I’m just not sure having one massive PNG file as the header graphic is the best way of doing it.

I would cut mast head in two pieces. One with just the curve and the other of the straight one.

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I’ve tried splitting it but have trouble with it reflowing in-between breakpoints. It’s behaving how I want it to but I’m not confident it’s the best way to build the masthead and the logo does look a bit ropey on some browsers.

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