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Marketplace for symbols/prefabs

Hey guys,

so a lot of us want to be able to copy and paste elements from one Webflow site into another Webflow site.
And what I know Is that the WF team is working on this big project.

So in the future as a next step, I´d like to see a symbol Marketplace similar to the existing one for templates and something along the line of the Unity AssetStore.

Features that could be great and are definitely hard to make:

  • Discounts for people with paid plans (similar to Level11)

  • A system that rewards people which make their symbols available for free e.g. If a free symbol is “used” 1000 times the creator gets 10% off his next purchase in the marketplace or the WF subscription.

  • When releasing a symbol you can “open source” it so that other people can extend on your symbol and it will live on for forever.

Those are some of my ideas/wishes and I really hope that they become real :wink:

There are a few requests for this type of functionality. I had the idea of UI packages with button sets and other call to actions. I hope it’s coming soon as well.

I also think its a good idea. Would like to see where Webflow can go with this…