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Margin & Spacing Issues

Hi, I’ve been trying to get used to the sizing, spacing, etc. of elements, but for some reason what I see in the ‘design’ state doesn’t quite translate to the ‘preview’ state. I have some screenshots to illustrate just one example of my issues. It’s really causing me to spend too much time on something that should be p retty simple from the videos I’ve been watching.

the next screenshot will follow in a reply to this topic. I need help fast guys, this could potentially get me a really good job. I need this! haha

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I know that I haven’t centered the nav bar buttons or graphic yet. The first thing I wanted to do was center it vertically in front of the pattern stripe behind it. In the ‘design’ state it’s right where I want it, but as soon as I ‘preview’ it bumps up… It’s driving me crazy! :frowning:

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I am not quite sure what you are asking.

So I will guess.

Are you saying the navbar is suppose to appear on top of the greek patterns ?

And in preview mode it appears different than in design mode ?

Try putting the pattern into a fixed height div - and place the navbar inside the div.

My own opinion… I wouldn’t combine that navbar with that pattern. but that’s me.

Instead… I would make the navbar 100% width and incorporate the pattern into the navbar… but again… that’s just me.


did that work ? or was that a bump…

Dont know what a bump is, but I think I know what you were saying. It just wouldn’t let me post a reply shorter than a certain amount of characters and I was short on time haha