Margin / Padding or CSS property animation


I’m new here. My question is about animations.

I’m able to create triggered animations but I can’t find anywhere to create animations on specific CSS rules.

For example, I want to create an animation of the left margin of an element.

Since I already have a transition animation, I would like to animate the margin in order to not interfere with the existing X transition animation as when I do it results in a glitch.

Is there a way to create animations specific to CSS rules like margin, padding etc…?

Thank you.


Currently there is no way to do it. What you can do to not interfere with the existing animations is nest elements inside auxiliary divs that you will target instead.

Hey @dram that’s a brilliant fix! Will try it. Thank you!

All seasoned webflow animators are used to having several divs inside each other that serve as handles for different interactions modifying similar properties :smiley:

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