Margin disappearing on page full load

I have margins defined in the webflow editor, when the published site is starting to load the margins show but after a couple of seconds they disappear. Can anyone help me work out what’s causing it.

I didn’t build the template originally so there could be custom code in the site however this has only recently started happening in various places across the site.

Here’s the live site where you will see the margin disappear between the headings/images:

Here’s my read only site where you can see the margins are all showing:

I’ve been using Google Chrome to view the site, I have noticed that this doesn’t occur in Microsoft Edge so it seems to be somehow browser related…? Please help I’m going crazy :smiley:

Opted to use padding as a work around but it’s so unusual how the margin disappears in the Chrome version vs the Edge version, would be interested to know if this is happening to anyone else.