Margin bottom not working on block elements

I contain the contents of a section in a .content box which are block elements. Each of these has 4em of margin on both the top and bottom. The .content block inside the .header applies both the top and bottom margin, however, those inside the .section aren’t applying the 4em margin on the bottom. Why is this? It was working just fine yesterday and it even works on mobile web. I am using Chrome to preview and those .content elements inside the .section elements aren’t applying the 4em margin on the bottom but the .content elements inside the .header element is applying the 4em on the bottom.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Please post your read-only link.

Sorry @dram, I added the link.

I can see the margins being applied. Can you rephrase what is wrong with them?

Huh, this is what it looked like on my screen and I have no idea why. Thanks for updating me on it.

Does it look correct in, say, safari or firefox for you?

Yeah! It’s weird because my coworker looked at it on Chrome and it’s fine for him, but not in Chrome for me. Hmmm.

Try testing some more on different chrome browsers. If it works everywhere but yours… well… at least it works! :smiley: