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Margin between columns

Hi there,

I want to make the same (20px) margin from all sides of columns, but can’t by webflow grid
Maybe is there another way?

This is what i want


Can you use padding settings instead?

If not, for some reason, try dropping a div inside of each column and add margin there.

Thanks, mate. Padding doesn’t work in this case cause filled color of 1st column stays.
I did via divs and made margin 10 px for centered sides of both divs, cause the margin is summed up in this case.

Last question. What i should do that height of each column will be the same like the biggest of them?

I’m thinking you can use flexbox settings with the “align stretch” property. See attached.


But without your share link I’m not able to see your working file to know how you currently have it set up.

Check this post:

I seem to have remedied the margins problem, thanks for the above, but now the div blocks and colors on pad and mobile are disarrayed. I could fix each individually probably.
Some advice would be great, thanks.

Read only link would be great :wink:

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All good, I simply used the grid instead of columns and adjusted the fr. I think that should do it. Thanks though!

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