Margin and Padding Options Gone?

Margin and Padding settings suddenly disappeared from my right tool column.

Can you please send me a screenshot?

It reappeared again on my dashboard after several tries of reloading the design tool! ill be sure to post a screenshot if it happens again

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Ok if it happens agian people at Webflow will be able help you :smile:

Uploading… Here’s the screenshot!

@Bryan_Trang for some reason it is saying uploading on the screenshot can you send it agian please sorry for the inconvenience :smile:

I think @Waldo @vincent @brryant will be able to help you with this issue :smile:


Did you try reloading your browser or the Webflow Designer @Bryan_Trang ?

yes i have tried doing that :slight_smile:

Hey @Bryan_Trang which browser are you using Webflow in? For best support use Safari or Chrome.

Thank you,


I’ve tried it both on Safari and Chrome. I mainly use Safari, but its happening on both browsers

Hi @Bryan_Trang, for some reason the screenshot link you posted is not working for me. so that I may better help with this issue, could I have you send an email to ?

Send this info with the message:

Could you please send me the following so I can take a closer look?

  1. Read-only Link:
  2. Screenshots of element/style you were working on, when the error occurred:
  3. Send Browser Info link:

I will be happy to help check this out !

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Same problem on the following site.

Tried it on Safari 9 on Imac and Macbook 2011.
Tried it on Chrome on Macbook and Windows laptop.

Every time we click footer, the menu is already gone, and after clicking out of it, it still doesn’t function. Need to reload page to fix.

Hi @burt, thanks for the post, I am sorry to hear about the trouble. Are you still experiencing the issue? I checked the site and was not immediately able to reproduce the issue.

Could you let me know what the exact element/style you were trying to edit when you encounter the issue? A screencast would even be better if you had the opportunity:

We removed the entire symbol + section container, and placed the content in a new one. And now its all ok. I didn’t figure out yet how to reproduce it, but theres a deadline coming so first finish the website.

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