Margin and padding are reset to 0

when i try to set a padding/margin in 3 columns for left + right of a text and image it first
shows corrrect.
But when i edit the next column it is always resets them to 0 for the first one. Even the border
is reset to 0 width. So it is for some reason not saved, no matter if i try it for column, row, div, ā€¦
What am i doing wrong?

Please help.
Kind regards

Hi @harry201503, this sounds like buggy behavior to me :-/ But Iā€™m not able to say for certain without more info. Can you please update your post following these guidelines: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


the link is:

my Browser:
Firefox 36.0.1

Debian linux 6

here is a video of changing padding of ā€œpā€ recorded with recordmydesktop:

You can see that it is displayed correct, but when i change to upper level and then select
the ā€œpā€ again, it switches back to 0 padding.
Same happens with all upper levels also.

Kind regards

Hi @harry201503, sorry for the trouble. :-/ Although Webflow sites work across all major modern browsers, the Designer is only supported by Chrome and Safari at this time.

More info here: