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Maps: Script error in IE8

I’m checking a site in IE8 (i know. Its a crappy browser, but it’s what the client uses haha)

I have a google map widget inserted and it is throwing this error

Message: Script error
Line: 0
Char: 0
Code: 0


Of course, it’s not displaying the map on the page either.

Any ideas?

PS. I have No idea why the text above is ginormous and bold. It did that automatically. I mention that because I didn’t want anyone thinking I was hollering :smile:

Thanks @Ant, looks like you found an IE8 edge case with our maps module.
Pushing a fix for this now! :thumbsup:


Sweet, thanks @danro ! Is that something that will work itself out on its own after you push the fix? Or will we need to update something on our end manually?

@Ant Next time you re-publish, the map should be working again in IE8.

thanks @danro! Is there a chance of getting a code snipped for the map? I exported the site last week & have made a TON of tweaks to it now that it’s on my server.

Maybe I just need to update the .js file?

Thanks man!

Sure @Ant, it’s a pretty quick fix. If you open up webflow.js, you can make the following change:

Remove this code:

delete window._wf_maps_loaded

And replace it with this:

window._wf_maps_loaded = function () {};

That should get it working again in IE8!

That got it man! Thanks @danro!