Maps and Zapier

Hi, i´m trying to see if webflow is the best solution for my website.

I want to build a “city guide style” for my country, so far Webflow CMS is more than capable for the task, but… i´m missing a VERY IMPORTANT feature, MAPS.

Check out AirBnb example,[]=

Every “Place” has a geo position, and that´s easy with webflow, the problem is showing a map with all the places from Webflow Database.

I know that webflow cannot make this. My question is, with the new API and ZAPIER, is there a way/fix/plugin/whatever i can do this?


You should be able to do this custom JS instead of using Webflow map…I think

nop… already tried :frowning:

@AlexN has an excellent write up of how to do with with Dynamic Embeds and Dynamic Google Maps in this post below:

Note, this won’t give you the ability to dynamically plot points on the map, but you could achieve similar results.

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It´s a good solution to show one item on the map, but i need to show lot´s a spots on a map.

@brryant Sorry if this my seems stupid, but can i use the API to get this?
For example, i have a html that shows all the restaurants and i put a google maps embed.
Inside i use JS and the API to get all the geo positions for all restaurants and show all of them in one map?

I´m not a developer, sorry if i´m saying something stupid :slight_smile:

Definitely possible, however you will need a lot of custom JS

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