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Mapping Webflow form fields to Mailchimp signup form fields

I have two forms on my webpage: One with 3 fields and another with only one.

I want to map those forms to Mailchimp so I can get all the subscriber’s info there. There’s no problem with the name and email. My problem is with the “Message” field in the first form. The field shows in Mailchimp but remains empty when filled out and submitted on the webpage.

Advice on how to fix it?

How do you handle the “GDPR”-Fields?

Currently, they’re not enabled. Does this make a difference? Especially that I’m not using the actual form from Mailchimp, but only mapping its fields to the forms on my Webflow page.

Not that I know. I asked because I tried to get these forms with GDPR running, but without success and I thought you got it to work.

Did you manage to solve this? I am facing the same problem. Thanks a lot!