Mapping Nav to horizontal scroll sections or slider


The short:
Not being able to link to a section within a div block.

The long:
Fairly new to webflow and I’ve researched this for days to find no solution. I am building a portfolio site that will showcase 10 projects. I’d like the site to be a 100vh/100vw slider with sticky navigation at the top. I would like the navigation to link to certain slides in the slider. Each slide would then have a link to its project page.

Running into dead-end after dead-end, I switched to horizontal scrolling sections. To achieve horizontal scroll with sections, the sections must be in a div block set to horizontal flex. This disables the navigation linking to the sections.

I’m currently working with this tutorial:

I would like to have a navigation that auto-scrolls to the section I direct it to. This works vertically, but not horizontally when built following the walkthrough above.

Is there a way around this limitation? Or perhaps a solution to go back to the slider?

Thank you,


Hi! Were you ever able to figure out a solution for this? We’re trying to do the same with an overhead navigation menu