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Mapping my location in real time

Hi, I shoot action photos and videos and would like to have my next photo shoot location appear on a map on it’s own page or if necessary on an existing page. Is there a way to do that?
Thank you

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Yup! There is a way to do that. If you’d like I can integrate it. DM me

I think something like this might work: You would create a collection for your “shoots” and then create a page with thumbnails of your shoots, when users click on a New shoot it would go to the “shoot” template page. From here you would make sure to create dynamic content for a map, then in the editor or CMS section in the designer, put the location of your shoot :slight_smile:

You could possibly automate this but I’m not sure:

I’d imagine this might be possible,
After a shoot, you upload images to a new folder in your Photo editor of choice, and enter the folder name and location of your shoot. You connect this photo app to a Zap on Zapier between the photo editing app and Webflow. The zap would need to be set up so when a new folder or upload is created in the photo editing app, it can take the name and location of that upload and create a CMS item or collection in Webflow with the name and location. Perhaps you could even have it push images or other folder info (date,etc) to the template page as well. Not sure what photo editing/upload software/apps work with zapier, If any.

Thank you , I will try that