Mapping Figma Responsive Artboards to Webflow

Hi All

My first post on the forum! :slight_smile:
Iā€™m a 41-year-old UI Designer from South-East UK, but no one cares about that, on with my post :joy:

I just wanted to ask for the opinions from the more experienced Webflow developers here regarding my Responsive artboard set up in Figma, Iā€™m planning to create and launch my first personal business website in Webflow (exciting times!) and as part of that workflow, I want set up some strong foundations in Figma, namely my responsive breakpoints, so that when it comes to translating my Figma Web Design in Webflow, that transition is as seamless as possible (at least that is the plan!)

Would you guys mind checking my grid set up on all my breakpoints to see if I have set these up correctly? Iā€™m hoping you can still see and inspect my Frame grids, even via a read-only share link. I have set these up as responsive stretch grids with a 40px margin either side, 24px gutters and with a 1200px max-width container, which grows to 1440px at the 1920px breakpoint.

Is that how you would do it?

hi dean hru ,i will help you out

Hi Sridhar,

Sure, so based on my post and my link, what are your thoughts on the grids i have put together?