Map & Slider Fields missing in the Collections

Hey everyone!

I played around with Collections and recognized that you can neither place a Slider/Gallery nor a Map as a Field.

This is a pity because I plan to show different places with a Map offering the location and I also want to display the highlights with some images in a Slider/Gallery.

Will this feature be added in the future or is it already planed?
And what can I do at the moment to implement my ideas?


Go to Google Maps, create a map and learn how to embed it in your site.

In the end you’ll get a code to embed. use the custom code widget to embed it into webflow.

Now in your collection, add 2 fields for the coordinates, and for each location, add the coordinates. You can learn how to get the coordinate from a Google Maps URL.

Now place your custom code box either in a dynamic list or in a collection template. Locate the coordinates in the code, select the first one, click on the link at the top right of the custom code box, and link it to the first coordinate in the collection. Do the same for the other coordinate.

Now you should get a dynamic Map based on the location entered in the collection.

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