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Map not pointing to the correct location

I have a map for a client’s location. On Google Maps it shows up fine, but on the embedded map I am having issues with it displaying the location about a block away.

Here is a link to the page.
The correct location is about a block north of where it is displaying. The address is 9638 Concession Road 8, Mount Forest, ON

Here’s another link if you want a closer look at the site:

I looked on Google Maps and the Map in Webflow, they both portray the same location.

It’s still not displaying properly here. Do you think it might be that it’s just displaying this way for me?

Actually, sometimes its happen on maps. Had the same issue with one of the clients site. Had to use embed code from Google maps.

I see the same thing…

Webflow Google Map:

Google Maps:

Well, then it is Google maps issue

This is what I see on Google Maps vs Webflow

I see the same (correct) location in both options

This might be because you are local while I am international and not in your area… I think that is what it is. Cause the business is local therefore won’t show up when someone from very far looks there at the map… maybe?

OK, so when I type it into Google Search and go from there it is to the right location… but when I go straight to Google Maps and type in the address it is the one I see on Webflow.

Are you sure your Google Maps entry pulled the full address in? Or just Concession 8?

Not sure what’s happening yet, but trying to sort out where I’m going wrong.

LOL, I am typing in what you posted… :wink:

Haha. Alright. I will keep working on this. Thanks for your help!

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