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Map load trigger bug

So i have a map in my site, the opacity trigger on load works fine but the scale trigger on load doesn’t… What happens is map does not appear covering the entire container it is in, and i gotta drag it a bit for it to restore itself to normal… Kinda confusing to explain tho…

Here’s the page with the map -

As you can see, the map does not show up entirely, only a portion of it, which i suspect happens because the map gets the X and Y measurement from the initial appearance, which is scaled down… However it goes back to normal once i drag it a bit around…

Any help? I wanted to do a fancy unveil animation but this bug is kinda annoying…

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

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How did you create it though? Did you use “size” or “scale”? I suspect you have used size and this is the reason for the behaviour.

I got the feeling the trigger is on scroll ???

You mean the animation? I created it by setting the initial appearance with 0.01 scale (X and Y axis and left the Z axis untouched). Then i added 3 steps, the first is just a 500ms wait time (which is not relevant to this bug), the second step is just the Y axis returning to normal and then the third step is the X axis also returning to normal.

The trigger is ‘page load’.

interesting. Some gmaps quirks I guess then. Could you share your read-only for us to have a look?

Sure, here you go, ive updated the main post to include it too.
Activate legacy interactions to see the ones i created.


Tried to replicate the on load map scale and ended with the same behaviour. Welp, looks like a bug

Dang :frowning: Well i have to look for another way around it… Cheers m8