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Map Jumps on mobile landscape

My site is built off the theme Miller - and everything is looking good and working fine except on mobile, when I turn my device to landscape the map (usually at the bottom of the page before the footer) loads at the top of the page and the whole page seems to break…

Any suggestions?

site Read-Only:


Trying to get this site live for a client’s event… Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone got any ideas? plz?

Hi @Rucsak, I have taken a look at your site and the preview link and I am not sure what is happening here.

The map either loads in 100% VW and VH or it loads properly.

I am not sure what you mean though when you go to mobile landscape it pushes the map to the top of the page. I tried to recreate and it works as intended.

Try working in incognito mode and/or turning off extensions and see if it still does what you are saying. If still, then please record your issue with loom and send back for review from a staff member.

Got it resolved, must have been some kind of z index thing i just deleted the whole map element and re-added it and the problem seemed to dissapear - thanks for the reply!

Sounds good. Happy u got it all figured out!

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