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Many projects - one CSS, JS etc

Hi there,

is there a way to have 2 or more projects exported who all use the same CSS, JS etc.
I would like to have a folder with my complete webflow export. And then different exports from different projects who all should use the same styles etc. to have a consistant design.

Is there a way to archieve this?


Hi @Kalli2000 That is a good question.

At this time, no you cannot. Each project will have its own HTML and CSS files that they depend on.

Hi @Kalli2000,

Theoretically, there is workaround. Create first project, finish it. Then clone it and continue to build next project, without removing old classes and interactions. When it will be done, clone it again and build the third project, without removing any old class and interaction.

Theoretically, all these exported projects will work with CSS and JS files of 3rd project. But HTML files will have to be separated, for sure.

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